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Do you wonder whether to use an ointment, a lotion or a cream to relieve your dry skin? These terms describe the way skin care products are prepared. Ointments are prepared using oil and may stay on your skin longer but many people don’t like them because they are  greasy and don’t soak into the skin. Creams are less oily than ointments and can be made from natural products so they do soak into the skin easily. Lotions are water-based and get absorbed into the skin quickly, causing instant, but not long-lasting, relief. For longer-lasting relief, choose ointments or creams.

If you have dry or itchy skin, avoid using too much soap, antiperspirants,  hot baths or anything else that removes your natural oils. Skin dryness and itchiness is worse when the humidity is low and you should definitely avoid stress, too much exposure to the sun, and smoking or secondhand smoke.

For any essential oil to work effectively, it must be used together with carrier oils. This is base oil that dilutes essential oils before topical application, as applying the latter “neat” that is without dilution, can lead to skin sensitization or allergic reactions caused by the concentration of the essential oils, rapid evaporation of the beneficial yet volatile essential oils from the skin’s surface due to absence of some oil to help them penetrate deeper into the skin and inability of essential oils to be spread across a wide area of skin.

Besides enhancing skin absorption of essential oils, carrier oils offer therapeutic properties through their nourishing constituent such as Minerals –This helps in brightening dull skin, protect against environmental stressors, encourage exfoliation and maintain skin moisture levels. Vitamins – Helps in repairing and maintaining vital skin tissues, controls acne, reduces wrinkles and hydrates the skin to maintain a healthy glow. Sterolins – Helps in reducing aging spots, repairs sun damaged skin and moisturizes and softens the skin and hair. Essential fatty acids – Helps in producing and maintaining the skin’s natural oil barrier, hydrates the skin to maintain the youthful appearance, nourishes cells and eliminates body toxins and reduces water through the skin’s surface.

There is an unending list of the benefits of carrier oils. So if you’ve not been using, it is the high time you experience what you’ve been missing out. Simply browse through our collection and grab some oil that will make a whole lot of difference in your skin. Our prices are pocket-friendly so affordability is not an issue.

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