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Fennel essential oil is extracted from fennel seeds to produce a miracle oil with a sweet earthy scent. Using fennel oil can help to minimize appetite, improve digestion, mitigate weight gain and boost restful sleep. This essential oil has been found to boost the production of melatonin, a hormone that plays a role in regulating our awake and sleep patterns.

Studies have also found that melatonin can aid in slow weight gain by enabling the creation of beige fat as opposed to white fat. Beige fat burns off to become energy while white fat is stored in the body for later use as energy. As early as the Middle Ages, funnel seeds were used as appetite suppressants. A scientific study on the effects of fennel oil found that after inhaling fennel oil two times for 10 minutes for a period of eight weeks, the subjects consumed fewer calories and digested food significantly faster.

Studies on the effectiveness of essential oils are progressing slowly. However, there is growing interest in aromatherapy and other therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Many people are using essential oils and reporting positive results for weight loss as well as for many other practical uses.

Some of these miracle essential oils include celery seeds, cypress, tangerine, ginger, spearmint, sandalwood, cloves, orange, rosemary, patchouli, mandarin, lemon grass, hyssop, tangerine, eucalyptus, laurel, jasmine and geranium.​

Cinnamon essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the cinnamon tree and it has a sweet and welcoming fragrance. Cinnamon oil works to minimize inflammation, regulate levels of blood sugar and improve sensitivity to insulin. Insulin helps to break down fats and carbohydrates and it enables the absorption of blood glucose by storing it as fat or converting it to energy.

When insulin resistance occurs, i.e. the body cells fail to respond to insulin, the body stores fat instead of breaking it down to energy. This results in weight gain and worse still, makes weight loss an uphill battle. Insulin resistance could also lead to high levels of blood insulin and blood sugar, which can lead to Type 2 diabetes.

Cinnamon essential oil can increase insulin sensitivity as well as blood glucose absorption. Many people in the United States suffer from metabolic syndrome , a combination of disorders including abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and insulin resistance. Individuals who are genetically predisposed to obesity have been found to have inflammatory cells. However, cinnamon essential oil can alleviate the production of these cells, which could in turn slow down weight gain and therefore allow actual weight loss.

The intense and minty properties of peppermint are what make it such a popular essential oil. Menthol is a major component of peppermint and it serves to cool and calm the body. Using peppermint oil boosts mood, increases mental alertness and energy, helps in digestion and suppresses appetite.

Peppermint is especially popular for its ability to treat digestion issues. Besides that, this essential oil works well to relax the muscles. When used with caraway essential oil, peppermint oil can reduce bloating, allow the proper flow of bile and ease the stomach’s muscles. Studies have also found that breathing in peppermint produced greater alertness in calmer subjects who showed better cognition. Best of all for weight loss, studies also show that breathing in the aroma of peppermint (best done with a diffuser) for a couple of hours felt hungry less frequently and consumed fewer calories compared to subjects who did not inhale the essential oil.


Bergamot essential oil has an assortment of scents including spicy, tangy and sweet. This essential oil has been shown to improve mood and boost energy. Several studies show that depression and anxiety can trigger unhealthy eating. This vicious cycle can prolong for the worse making weight loss all the more difficult.

Other studies have however found that inhaling bergamot oil for just 15 minutes can boost energy and improve emotional well being. Researchers tested participants’ saliva for cortisol, a stress related hormone, and found that cortisol levels were much lower in participants who inhaled bergamot oil

Lemon essential oil has a fresh, uplifting scent.  Using this essential oil has been shown to alleviate mood swings, boost energy, slow down weight loss and relieve pain. Lemon contains limonene, a compound with fat–dissolving properties. Studies show that when used with grapefruit essential oil, lemon oil boosts the process of lipolysis.

Lemon oil also works to improve mood and to boost energy by increasing the levels of hormones that stimulate the flight or fight instinct. This hormone also boosts oxygen supply in the brain, thereby improving cognitive function, blood flow and heart rate, all processes that are necessary in the optimal functioning of the body’s muscles.  Lemon essential oil has pain relieving properties. Just apply the oil on affected muscles or joints to ease any pain.​

Grapefruit essential oil has a tantalizingly sweet aroma. Other than its antiseptic properties, grapefruit oil has been shown to be effective at minimizing unhealthy cravings, increasing metabolism, boosting body endurance and energy, and reducing the accumulation of fat around the abdomen. Studies have shown that eating grapefruit several times a week can reduce appetite and aid in weight loss. Research has also shown that the main component in grapefruit, limonene, causes a process that aids the body’s ability to break down and dissolve protein and body fat.


Using Natural Body Oils

Author: Dr. Larita

A friend of mine told me she loved the fragrance I was wearing one day and asked what it was. I told her it was Egyptian Musk, a fragrance we carry at Fragrance World of Topeka. (Like us on Facebook.) She eventually got some for herself and she told me she still likes but it didn’t smell the same on her as it did on me.

The thing about body oils is that the fragrance smells one way in the bottle but once you put it on, it blends with your body chemistry and it becomes a signature scent for you. It will still have the same fragrance notes but your chemical signature will make it different on you than on anyone else. One special thing about Egyptian Musk as well as most other musk fragrances is that they are unisex and work well on both men and women.

My daughter’s dog was 18 years old when she passed and she had arthritis so bad that sometimes she couldn’t walk at all. My daughter asked me what essential oils I had for my “grand-dog” so she could help her when she couldn’t walk or go up and down the stairs. She hated trying to force pet medicine down Onyx’s throat.

Just like with people, arthritis is painful for dogs and you must be careful when you are handling them but dogs do love to be massaged. If your pet has arthritis, they will love your touch as you massage them and the essential oils will be a beneficial treatment. The arthritis dog treatment I suggested to my daughter is 4 drops of rosemary, 2 drops of lavender, and 3 drops of ginger diluted in 2 tablespoons of a carrier oil like sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil.

Try to get the massage oil mixture onto the painful joints working it through the coat and into the skin. Start at your pet’s back  and massage the muscles in rhythmic movements working towards the haunches. Cover all of the legs and include the vertebrae. This may be a little messy but your pet will soon lick off most of the oil and enough will penetrate the skin to be effective.  Also, what they ingest will help their digestive system. An added bonus to this treatment is that fleas do not like lavender!

Making your own perfume or body oils using essential oils is a lot like making music in a band or orchestra. You need base notes, middle notes and top notes for the blend to be beautiful and to smell wonderful. These notes in perfume making can be either male or female and in some cases they are for either sex so I say, if you like the way it smells – use it. Below are some essential oils in each category for you to experiment with and make your own blends.

Base Note Essential Oils (Always start with the base and go up)

Middle Note Essential Oils

Top Note Essential Oils

  • Anise
  • Bay
  • Bergamot
  • Cumin
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Lemongrass
  • Lime
  • Mandarin
  • Pettigraine

Store your essential oil perfume blends in dark colored bottles in a dark cool place for best results. Right now, you can go to your local perfumery and start sniffing the essential oils above to see which ones you want to experiment with when you make your first perfumes.


Trembling that is not related to a physical ailment like Parkinson’s disease can be helped with aromatherapy. I remember my Uncle Albert’s hands were always trembling, probably because he was an over the road truck driver. I bet this treatment would have helped him, had I known about it then. Yesterday, my husband did the yard trimming with a weed eater and we have a large corner lot so there was a lot of trimming to be done. When he came in, his hands and arms were trembling noticeably so I rubbed his body with the following essential oils: 2 drops of narcissus, 4 drops of nutmeg and 2 drops of lemon diluted in 2 teaspoons of sweet almond oil.

Since it was his hands and arms that were trembling, I rubbed the oil over his right arm, across his chest, down the other arm and over both hands. Within two to three hours, the trembling had lessened significantly. You can use the same treatment again within six hours if needed.  If the trembling is in the lower part of your body, rub the oil (use about the size of a quarter in the palm of your hand) over your lower back, hips, legs, and feet. You may need help with this part, but you should also rub it all down your spine and about a hands width on either side of your spine. If you don’t have anyone to help, just get as much of your spine as possible. Narcissus essential oil is very expensive and many places don’t carry it so if you can’t find it or don’t want to pay so much for the little amount you need to use, you can use chamomile essential oil instead. It is much more reasonably priced.


Coriander essential oil has been used for thousands of years in Asian countries and is composed of over 65% linalool which makes it great for the skin. It stimulates the appetite and is wonderful for relieving occasional digestive issues. Coriander and cilantro come from the same plant and go together well as essential oils and when used in cooking. When using coriander oil on the skin, use it with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil if your skin is sensitive.

Seven Super Uses for Coriander

  1. Blood Sugar Balance – coriander contains properties that can assist with balancing cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. To support healthy blood sugar, take 1 drop internally as needed.
  2. Gas, Nausea and Bloatingcoriander’s digestive support properties assist in relieving gas and nausea. It also helps relax the digestive system and can ease unsettledness that often leads to nausea. Apply 2 to 3 drops topically to the abdomen or take 1 drop internally.
  3. Skin Health – coriander is an effective Ayurvedic remedy for rashes and itchy skin because of its anti-irritant , soothing, inflammation – cooling and antiseptic properties. Apply 2 to 3 drops topically to the irritated area.
  4. Anxiety – coriander oil is a mild stimulant and is capable of relaxing the mind too, thereby reducing feelings of stress and nervousness. Diffuse or apply a blend of coriander, lavender and chamomile topically to the soles of the feet and the back of the neck.
  5. Muscle and Joint Discomfort – because of its inflammation-cooling and spasm-soothing properties, coriander oil may reduce pain associated with muscle and joint issues. For soothing relief, apply it topically to the area of concern.
  6. Adrenal Fatigue – to support the adrenals and promote proper function naturally, apply coriander to the back of the neck or the soles of the feet.
  7. Appetite Stimulant – to boost the appetite, take 1 drop of coriander oil internally or apply 2 to 3 drops to the palms, cup the nose and inhale deeply for 5 minutes.

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