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Baby’s Massage Oil

Author: Dr. Larita

Newborn babies respond well to touch and since it is an important part of the parent child bonding custom, parents should start using massage right away. Commercial baby oils usually have a petroleum or mineral oil base which is good for protecting baby’s skin from water and urine but not necessarily good for baby’s skin. I suggest using a formula which consists of carrier oils that are good for skin as well as essential oils that are good for the skin and have other benefits too.

The following formula uses 1/10th of the essential oil in an adult massage oil but it is still an excellent treatment for eczema and cradle cap, inflammation and teething problems and it acts as a general strengthener. It also boosts the immune system and has a wonderful calming effect  on the nervous system. The loving touch of mommy or daddy’s massage all over his or her body, avoiding only the genitals and the eyes, will keep baby contented.

Baby’s Massage Oil Formula

This massage oil can be used daily on your two to twelve month old baby.

Colds and Coughs

All mothers worry about protecting their baby from colds during the winter or when they are exposed to other children. You should not use essential oil treatments on babies and children as a precaution, because someone else in the home has a cold. To protect your baby, use essential oils diluted in water in a plant spray bottle to use around the house. Spray in the hall outside baby’s room but not in the room.

The easiest way to treat a baby’s cold is to place a small bowl of boiling water to which you have added 3 drops of eucalyptus oil under the baby’s bed at the opposite end from his head. The steam will rise and molecules of the eucalyptus aroma will be released into the room.

You can also use this synergistic blend to treat baby’s cold symptoms:

  • Eucalyptus – 10 drops
  • Tea tree – 10 drops
  • Lavender – 10 drops
    Mix this blend and store in an amber glass bottle

To use this synergistic blend, place 3 drops on an infuser in the bedroom for overnight and again during the day. For difficult breathing, place 2 drops on a piece of cotton and place it under the edge of  baby’s pillow. When giving baby a bath, add 1 drop of the synergistic blend to the water and swish it around (for babies and children one to five years old, add 2 drops to the bath.) You can also make a massage oil using 3 drops of the synergistic blend to 2 teaspoons almond oil and massage this over baby’s chest and back.


There is a wide variation in the age when babies begin teething but whenever they start, teething may cause inflammation and soreness of the gums, runny nose, runny stool and often fever as well. It’s important to give the baby something to chew on at this time but do not give him anything he can choke on. Teething is often wrongly blamed for any and every symptom a baby can get so it is important to stay aware of your baby’s condition at this stage.

The essential oil formula for teething is: chamomile – 6 drops or lavender – 5 drops diluted in 5 teaspoons sweet almond oil and mixed well. Then take 1 teaspoon of the oil mix and put it in a small container. Fill with ice-cold water and stir very well. Now you have two mixtures for a two-part treatment. First,  dip a cotton ball into the cold water and oil mixture and gently wipe around baby’s gums. Then using  just the oil mix, massage around the outside of baby’s face along the jaw line. You only need to use a couple of drops of the oil mix each time; just rub a little between your fingers before applying.

Sickness and Vomiting

Babies who are constantly being sick and vomiting may very well be allergic to cow’s milk so consult your doctor who may prescribe a soy milk product. If your baby is not allergic to cow’s milk but continues to throw up, they can be treated effectively with peppermint oil which calms the stomach and makes digestion easier. Put one drop on a cotton ball and place the cotton ball in the baby’s bed at the opposite end from the baby’s head.


If your baby keeps you awake all night, this remedy can be used every other night until he or she has learned to sleep through the night. When you put baby to bed, put a bowl of boiling water beneath the bed on the floor not directly under the baby’s head. Add 1 drop chamomile and 1 drop of geranium oil to the boiling water. Keep the door to baby’s room almost closed (not all the way) to keep the aroma molecules in baby’s room. After a few alternate days of this treatment, your baby will start to conserve his energy and sleep during the night.

Crying is the only way babies have to let us know something is wrong. The ear splitting cry of a hungry baby is transformed into the contented sucking sounds of a nursing baby in seconds when the breast or bottle is presented. When your baby is crying and hunger is not the reason, then colic is the probable cause. Colic can be helped by rubbing the tummy gently with baby massage oil. Turn baby over and rub the middle part of the back in a gentle circular motion. If the colic is more serious, use the following formula in the same manner.

Severe Colic Remedy

Fretfulness Remedy

Formula 1

  • Chamomile – 3 drops
  • Lavender – 4 drops
    Diluted in 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil

Formula 2

  • Chamomile – 4 drops
  • Geranium – 3 drops
    Diluted in 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil

Massage the fretful baby’s feet in the following way: do both feet at the same time, rub your thumbs from the center of the sole of the foot towards the bottom of the toes, over the ball of the foot, in gentle rhythmic movements. You can massage using the oil or just massage through the baby’s socks. The baby may wiggle at first but if you can hold both feet firmly between your thumb and fingers, soon the baby will become quite still. This foot massage elicits a very calming response from a formerly inconsolable baby.

2 skin moisturizerThe key to having super soft skin is to moisturize it. A lot of people I know never use lotions, and as a result, they always have dry and itchy skin that worsens when the weather is dry. But to me, having a moisturizing lotion is so important. I use lotion daily so my skin continues to keep its natural moisture throughout the day.

I think skin moisturizers should be staples in the world of beauty. They are just so important for keeping the youth people desire so much. They’re also important for people with dry skin, as having dry skin is a sign the skin needs more moisture.  People often use abrasive soaps for showering or bathing that can steal the moisture away from the skin. It’s so important to make sure the moisture sticks around by using skin moisturizers.
What’s also great about skin moisturizers is they help relieve skin cracking. When the weather gets dry, sometimes people’s hands crack due to how dry it is. It can be painful, and a great way to avoid it is to make sure your hands and knuckles stay moisturized. There are just so many reasons why you should use skin moisturizers.

Do you suffer from dry or oily skin, frequent breakouts, and serious acne problems? Then it’s about time you take regular cleansing seriously. Facial cleansers are essential to keep you looking healthy, young, and radiant. There are many cleansing brands to choose from and you need to figure out which one works best for your skin.

Choosing the right facial cleansers starts by knowing your skin type. Avoid cleansing products that contain high alcohol levels if you have dry skin. For oily skin, buy facial cleansers that have a lower PH level. For sensitive skin, a basic cleanser without additives and synthetic ingredients is best for you. If you put on a lot of makeup, cleanse with a product that’s made to thoroughly remove it. Delivery of the cleansing product matters as well – and so, cream-based cleansers for dry skin, foamy or gel cleansers for oily skin.

You can always consult a dermatologist if you want to be extra sure with the facial cleansers you ought to be using and the right cleansing regimen for your skin type. Ultimately, a good match for any skin type is a cleansing product that can maintain you skin’s natural balance, can effectively remove dirt and clogged pores, and keep your skin clear, hydrated, and healthy.

We also have an essential oil blend for circulatory problems during menopause. This blend can be also be used for other circulation problems too. Geranium is the main oil in this blend and it is especially good for circulatory problems. Not only is it antiseptic and antibacterial, it also smells wonderful.

Circulatory Problems Blend

Blend these oils together and dilute them in 3-5 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil to use as a body oil. Always massage in the direction of the heart. If the legs are affected, massage from the feet to the thigh. If the hands are affected, start at the fingers and move up the arm. If your whole body is affected, apply to the front and back of your torso.

If your menopause symptoms include water retention and bloating, we have a blend that will help alleviate these issues. Blend together the essential oils below and dilute 3-5 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil to use as a body oil. You just need a small amount to apply over the abdominal area, lower back and upper thighs.

Water Retention and Bloating Blend

If you are having the day and/or night sweat symptoms of menopause, this blend will help calm the problem for you. I still have night sweats but usually it’s when I haven’t used this blend for a while.

Day and Night Sweats Blend

Blend these essential oils in an amber colored bottle and dilute 3-5 drops of the mixture in a carrier oil. Massage the blend over your lower back. For a bath, mix 1 drop of geranium and 1 drop of cypress into a little carrier oil and add it to your bath water. Swish the water around well before getting in the tub.


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