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Aromatherapy Pharmacy X

Author: Dr. Larita

This is the last in our series of blogs on essential oils that can help you build your aromatherapy pharmacy. Most essential oils are very strong products and should be used with a carrier oil. Carrier oils or base oils are used to dilute essential oils and prevent harm to your skin. Oils used in aromatherapy penetrate the skin, so they need to be diluted properly for you to reap the best benefits from them. A carrier oil is basically used to carry the essential oil and open the gateway for them to make an entry into the skin and render the health benefits from your aromatherapy session.

Some types of aromatherapy carrier oils include sweet almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, liquid shea oil, and aloe vera oil. Sweet almond oil is also a great moisturizer and suitable for all skin types. Another often-used carrier oil, is olive oil but not all olive oils are cold processed which could eliminate some of the beneficial enzymes. The best carrier oils are referred to as “cold-processed” vegetable oils and they are easily absorbed into the skin. Most of the oils that we find in grocery stores are not cold processed, so they have less aromatherapy health benefits. You or your therapist have to blend your aromatherapy carrier oil with the essential oil to maximize the health benefits of your aromatherapy session.

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