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lower back pain

Have you ever told someone your back hurts and then had to listen to them talk about how bad their back hurts? It just goes to show you that there are many of us that have a back ache problem. Back aches stem from a myriad of reasons from stress to lifting boxes, from poor posture to whiplash; even degenerative diseases can cause back pain. There are different types of back pain too: lumbago affects the lower back; sciatica causes pain in the buttocks radiating out to the thighs and legs; fibrositis, tender bunches of fibrous tissues in your muscles; arthritis; curvature of the spine; slipped discs; and pains caused by weak muscles in the back or abdomen and tension.

Essential oils give delightful relief from chronic back pain. They penetrate deeply into muscle tissue encouraging them to expand, they increase blood flow to the affected area and allow torn fibrous muscle tissues to be repaired by the body. The best essential oils to use in treating back pain are thyme, camphor, chamomile, vetiver, cypress, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, ginger, lavender, juniper, sage, and oregano. They are best used in blends and only 5 drops per teaspoon of a carrier oil like almond oil or grape seed oil. My favorite blend is 10 drops rosemary, 10 drops peppermint, 5 drops lavender and 5 drops ginger diluted in 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil.


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