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Palpitations is the medical term for awareness of the heartbeat. The awareness can be because the person is paying close attention to their own heartbeat or it could also be because the heart is actually beating harder than normal. Reasons for your heart to beat more forcibly than usual are fright, shock or anxiousness.

To calm yourself when you are having palpitations for those reasons, you can use neroli essential oil which has very calming properties and can be most effective when that is the case. To administer the neroli, simply sniff straight from the bottle, put 2-3 drops on a handkerchief or a tissue to sniff. You can also use an essential oil inhaler which you can keep in your purse or pocket.

People who suffer from palpitations would benefit from having regular massages using any of the essential oils that have calming properties such as chamomile, lavender, rose, neroli or ylang-ylang. The term palpitations is often incorrectly used to describe an over-rapid heartbeat which can be experienced in similar circumstances. This is more correctly called tachycardia but the distinction is minute when it comes to aromatherapy because the same essential oils and administration methods are most helpful. Ylang-ylang is the best oil to use in the case of tachycardia in order to slow the excessively rapid heartbeat.

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