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headacheI recently saw a friend as we were both leaving work and I thought she looked like she was going to have a stroke. One side of her face was very slack and I asked her how she felt. She said she had a migraine headache and was going home. I told her she looked like she needed to see a doctor. I just saw her again today and she looked fine but she told me she did go to the emergency room that day because she got lost on the way home! Migraine headaches are nothing to play around with and aromatherapy will not help you if you don’t use it in a preventative fashion.

Once a migraine attack begins, the sufferer may be unable to tolerate being touched or to smell essential oils but it is possible to use aromatherapy oils to stop a full blown migraine attack by using one of the following methods:

  • Cold compresses with equal amounts of lavender and peppermint can be put on the forehead and temples. Change them as soon as they begin  to warm up.
  • Massage the temples with a very light touch using lavender essential oil only if touching the head does not make the pain worse.
  • Since many migraines seem to be due to a restricted blood supply to the brain, a warm or hot compress with a couple drops of marjoram on the back of the neck can increase the flow of blood to the head. Marjoram is a vasodilator (it causes blood vessels to expand somewhat) and of course the heat also helps.
  • Some migraines are the result of stress so regular massage to tension in the neck and shoulders is an excellent preventive measure. It is also advisable to include light tapping on the scalp at times when there is no pain.

Lastly, many people with migraines have food triggers that often involve cheese, chocolate and red wine and they should investigate that angle too. Other non-food triggers may cause an attack so migraine sufferers should pay close attention to bad lighting, industrial and household chemicals.

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