Teenage Skin Problems

Author: Dr. Larita
February 28, 2013

really young cousinsThe teenage years bring many problems for boys and girls. Boys can have swollen scrotum, involuntary erection and semen seepage while girls might suffer from irregular or painful periods and premenstrual syndrome. Besides these problems that can probably be kept hidden from others, teens also commonly have skin disorders  that can cause them much stress.

Skin problems in teens are caused by an increase in sex hormones which cause an increase in sebum production in the sebaceous glands. As the outer skin gets thicker, the pores dilate and if they get blocked by dead skin cells, the sebum can become blocked and get infected by bacteria. The best thing to do to avoid breakouts is to keep the skin clean of those dead skin cells especially during the teen years but the same is true for every age. Below is a gentle facial scrub that is good for anyone with or trying to avoid skin problems.

Gentle Facial Scrub

  • 2 tablespoons ground almond
  • 1 teaspoon raw egg white
  • 4 drops lemon essential oil

Mix these ingredients well, put a little bit into the palm of your hand and apply it to your wet face. Rub the mixture all over your face in  a rolling motion. Then, wash with a good hypo-allergenic soap and rinse well with plenty of water.  Lastly, dab your face with a lavender splash which you can easily make by adding 5 drops of lavender to 2 tablespoons of spring water. Shake the bottle well before each use and repeat the treatment daily.

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