The intense and minty properties of peppermint are what make it such a popular essential oil. Menthol is a major component of peppermint and it serves to cool and calm the body. Using peppermint oil boosts mood, increases mental alertness and energy, helps in digestion and suppresses appetite.

Peppermint is especially popular for its ability to treat digestion issues. Besides that, this essential oil works well to relax the muscles. When used with caraway essential oil, peppermint oil can reduce bloating, allow the proper flow of bile and ease the stomach’s muscles. Studies have also found that breathing in peppermint produced greater alertness in calmer subjects who showed better cognition. Best of all for weight loss, studies also show that breathing in the aroma of peppermint (best done with a diffuser) for a couple of hours felt hungry less frequently and consumed fewer calories compared to subjects who did not inhale the essential oil.


Bergamot essential oil has an assortment of scents including spicy, tangy and sweet. This essential oil has been shown to improve mood and boost energy. Several studies show that depression and anxiety can trigger unhealthy eating. This vicious cycle can prolong for the worse making weight loss all the more difficult.

Other studies have however found that inhaling bergamot oil for just 15 minutes can boost energy and improve emotional well being. Researchers tested participants’ saliva for cortisol, a stress related hormone, and found that cortisol levels were much lower in participants who inhaled bergamot oil

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August 2021